During the 1970’s Bluebird grew from strength to strength offering parents a unique learning environment for their children. With a strong emphasis on creative development and drama, Mrs Bradbury, and from 1978 Mrs Carmichael, provided the children with a wide range of enriching experiences. The black and white furniture in the photographs remained in use until 1990, a lot of it was solid oak and would still be used today but for the sheer weight of it! The vaulted ceiling in the main hall upstairs was lowered in the 80’s to keep the rooms warmer in the winter. Those beautiful parquet floors although still in great shape, are now covered in a more child friendly mix of lino and carpet areas.

    Bluebird Kindergarten 1970's   Bluebird Kindergarten 1970's

If you were a pupil of Bluebird during the 1970’s or 1980’s we would love to hear from you, please drop us a line. Indeed if any ‘past’ Bluebirdies from 1968 to the present day are reading this please let us now if you remember anything about your time at Bluebird, your teachers or classmates? Just see our ‘contact’ page to get in touch.

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