Montessori at Bluebird

In the words of the child… “help me to do it myself.”

Joanne Carmichael is our qualified Montessori Teacher.

Montessori is a revolutionary method of observing and supporting the natural development of children.

At Bluebird the method is used to ensure that children are free to choose and explore activities that they are interested in. They are given time and space to practise new skills repeatedly until they have concreted their understanding and knowledge.

We have had enormous success in the past with our reading programme and are delighted to say that many children leave Bluebird knowing how to build and deconstruct words from the alphabet sounds that they have learned at phonic-time.

Children also learn practical life skills such as fastening zips, buckles and buttons using our dressing frames. The sound cylinders are used to help children tune in to and match sounds. There are lots of wonderful learning opportunities in a Montessori classroom and your child will simply love the challenges that the specialised equipment will provide.


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